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Terry Case Farway Common G-CDCC
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Airfield Information - SAFETYCOM 135.475
POSITION N50°44.15 W003°11.46

We are situated 9 miles east of Exeter Airport and just north of Branscombe. Pilots are always welcomed provided they telephone for PPR.

Landing fees: Small aircraft up to 600 kilos MTOW = 5.00 Larger aircraft and small piston helicopters 10.00 Jet helicopters 25.00

Please telephone the airfield owner, Terry Case on 01395 597535, for a full briefing, but the main items are:

2 runways, 10/28 and 18/36, both 550 metres long. All circuits to the north and east; RH on 28 and 36, LH on 10 and 18

Beware any fences and trees on approach. Slight upslope on the early part of 10 and 36

** Extra caution is advised when landing on Runway 36. Turbulence and wind shear
may be
experienced over the trees on the approach to Runway 36, and also from
the line of trees by the road to the right when the wind is Easterly. Pilots should pay special attention to the line of trees that have to be overflown approximately 50 metres before the airfield boundary. When last measured, they were about 11 metres (36 feet) above ground level and the approach path and landing point will have to be carefully considered in order to maintain safe clearance above the trees. This is likely to lead to an aiming point for touchdown that is well past the boundary and which will reduce the available landing distance**


If radio equipped, you can obtain Exeter ATIS on 119.325 from say 15 miles distant from Exeter, then speak to Exeter Radar on the confirmed frequencies. This is usually 128.975, but at busy periods the ATIS will confirm 2 frequencies, 128.975 for aircraft north of the Exeter 08/26 centreline, aircraft south of the centreline should use 123.575 You may be asked to Squawk if Transponder equipped. When in sight of Farway Common, request a frequency change to Safetycom on 135.475 and give blind calls on route and into the circuit. Farway Common is just south of the ILS approach to 26, so please be aware and avoid crossing the centreline especially over 1500 feet on the QNH and within 10 miles of Exeter unless you are in contact with Exeter Radar.


If you are not radio equipped, you should approach from and depart to the South or East. Be aware of and avoid crossing the Exeter 08/26 centreline as the ILS approach is just to the North of the airfield.
Keep altitude at 1500 or below on the QNH until well clear

The above is for initial guidance only and to complement your own flight planning. Please obtain PPR on the day

You can be assured of a warm welcome at Farway Common from Terry Case, who is always pleased to see incoming pilots.
If Terry is about, usually free tea!





Photo above: On left base for Runway 10



Photo above: Close to Runway 36 threshold. The hangars and parking are to the rear left of the photo, close to Runway 10 threshold